JavaScript Executable (aka JavaScript Exe) has the following features most of which come directly from Java as an underlying language.

Platform Independent

The Write-Once-Run-Anywhere paradigm is achieved. Write your application with JavaScript and run them on any platform, that has Java Virtual Machine installed.

Browser Independent

The usual browser dependent JavaScript creates multiple of bugs, due to browser incompatibilities to any specified standard. Also with each new browser version new issues arise. JavaScript Executable on the contrary runs as an applet on every browser on every platform, and the output is the same everywhere.

Object Orientated

JavaScript is a wonderful language for Object Orientated Programming. This is enhances the code managability and reduces code maintenance time.


JavaScript Executable is fully Unicode compliant, due to the fact that Unicode support was built into the language from its very beginning.


The JavaScript Executable runs inside the Java Virtual Machine sandbox. Unlike many other languages, security for Java was one among the first issues, that were considered starting at its baby years.

Dynamic Binding

The linking of data and methods is done at the runtime.

Good Performance

In the early versions of Java the performance was a bit of a problem. Now, no performance issues can be seen.

Many Libraries Avalable

There are multiple of wonderful Java libraries available. JavaScript Executable can easily be upgraded to include them.

Easy to learn and write

If you know JavaScript you know more than enough to start. However a Java knowledge is advisable.