JavaScript Executable (aka JavaScript Exe) is a small, lightweight, cross-platform, self-executable program, that allows to create full-fledged desktop applications using nothing else but JavaScript.
JavaScript Exe uses the powerful Java Virtual Machine (JVM) as a base, and allows all the Java classes of the enormous Java library to be used, including the time proven Swing graphical user interface.
But even more with JavaScript Exe your code may not only run on the desktop, but in the browser, provided the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed.
Unlimited by browser implementation, JavaScript allows you to program the way you like, build like you have always wanted.

var btnTitleChange = $.button("Let\'s change Frame title")
    .on_click(changeTitle,"Wow, I changed!");

var frame = $.frame("Demo Application")

function changeTitle(title){frame.title(title);}

function alert(){
    js.alert("Welcome to JavaScript executable!");